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Flat File DB Prototype 8,757 Kb

FASM Writer (IDE for Flat Assembler) 641Kb
A simple IDE for FASM written using MFC.
List of features:
  • Syntax highlighting (themes based)
  • Auto-Completion
  • Tooltips for most of code elements
  • Project concept
  • Library concept
  • ... and more...
  • Unzip the package. You should have FASMW32 folder with sub-folders.
  • Load UserManual.html document from Help sub-folder into browser and read it.
The history of this IDE may be interesting to some. Since 2005 or so I was working on a concept of an IDE for FASM, which will use Object-Oriented Paradigm to produce large projects.

In my opinion, such projects are not possible within acceptable time-frame without code re-use or some kind of library of components. So, I decided to use FASM itself to code the OOP IDE. To speed my coding up I tried all kinds of IDE, but could not find something simple and practical - without too much fluff or too much time to learn. Finally, I decided to write such tool myself. I was telling myself: "Something a little better than FASMW will do it".

I am using FASMW32 for almost two years now and it feels kind of right. At first, I had no intention to release it, but then maybe someone else can benefit from it, so here it is. I am now working on OOP IDE full speed, so will not have time to do any major "fixing" here. Maybe something simple... let me know.

Patcher (HEX Editor Utility) 36Kb
A simple HEX editor coded in Win32 API.
List of features:
  • Views any file as a dump of HEX bytes.
  • Allows to view file image by structures. Structures can be described in 'Types.Txt'.
  • Allows bookmarks.
  • Search of text (ANSI and UNICODE).
  • Search of HEX-byte sequences (including wildcards).

Assembly Developer Studio 530Kb
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to design applications for both Win32 and MS-DOS platforms.
List of features:
  • Based on Multiple Document Interface (MDI) technology.
  • Up to 16 plug-in Wizards for source code generation.
  • Up to 16 custom tools/utilities can be attached.
  • Auto-complete elements include: macros, procedures, structure members, any list of identifiers.
  • Project tree allows easy access to source code elements.
  • Configurable development tools: attach any Assembler, Linker/Librarian, Debugger.
  • Code snippet templates with parameters.
  • Module templates.
  • Importer of #define from "C" language. (Constants only)
  • Configurable toolbar. Make your own set of frequently used buttons.
  • ... and more...
  • Unzip downloaded archive preserving sub-folders layout
  • Launch AsmDev.Exe
  • Select Help->Contents... to read about AsmDev
  • There is a small MS-DOS application in "Projects" - some source code and macros.
It is a BETA version, so I appreciate any comments/ideas/bug reports. Go easy on me - the program just came out and I did not perform any extensive testing. It builds/runs/debugs both Win32 and DOS projects as far as I know.

HelpPC Utility by David Jurgens 222Kb
Very helpful for a DOS programmer:
  • List of x86 Assembly instructions
  • 'C'-language reference
  • List of DOS Interrupts
  • DOS Internals: data structires, tables, etc.
  • Hardware I/O ports description

Win32 OOP ASM Source Code Generator 42Kb
Generates Object-Oriented ASM source code for:
  • Base class.
  • Derived class.