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Samples: (newest - first)

STAR TREK Game (Win32, FASM) 177Kb
  • Full source code (FASM, Win32 API) of a famous Super Star Trek game ported from PDP-11 Fortran IV
  • Compiled binaries
  • Console I/O simulated with True Colour text output
  • Added quantum torpedoes
  • Added LOG command to dump output into a log file

LinePad Project (Win32, API) 179Kb
  • Full source code (C++, Win32 API) of a simple Text Editor
  • Compiled binaries

Bitmap Writer (Win32, API) 5Kb
  • Full source code (C++)
  • Shows how to attach C++ object to HWND
  • Shows how to avoid flicker in Win32
  • Shows how to save a 24-bit bitmap into BMP file
  • Shows how to take a snapshot of a DC into HBITMAP
  • Shows how to use the Open/Save File Dialogs in Win32

Checking for palindrom (DOS, TASM) 3Kb
  • Full source code (ASM)
  • Text entered using service 0Ah (INT 21h)
  • Text parsed using a blank symbol as a separator
  • Every parsed word checked for palindrom
  • Shows how to use structures
  • Shows how to use functions

Craps game (Win32, Console) 26Kb
  • Full C++ source code (single file)
  • Compiled executable file
  • Dice painted with pseudo-graphics (BTW, nice looking dice!)
  • Game statistics at the end
  • Bet money on the game(s)

  • Conversion: register to decimal string
  • Conversion: register to binary string
  • Conversion: register to hexa-decimal string
  • Keyboard navigation: scrolling the chart up and down
  • Text output using colors and [row, column] location

Sorting integer values (DOS, TASM) 4Kb
  • Line-by-line input from console
  • Validation routines
  • Append value into array
  • Conversion: string to register
  • Conversion: register to string
  • 'Bubble' sorting algorithm

Using bitmaps as a button images (Win32, MFC) 10Kb
  • Dialog based application with a button on a dialog.

TETRIS Clone (DOS, Turbo C++, BGI) 51Kb
  • Full source code.
  • Encrypted TOP TEN list, so no one can 'hack' into it.
  • Compiled game and EGAVGA.BGI, so you can play right away.
  • Some bitmaps explaining block rotation.

Printing full screen (Win32) 2Kb
  • Function 'PrintScreen()'.
  • Paste the code (or add the file) into your application to make it work.

Tabbing within a dialog by RETURN key (MFC) 9Kb
  • Fully buildable VC++ 6.0 project created by MFC Class Wizard.
  • Unzip the files using 'Restore Folder Structure' option.

Numeric grid-puzzle (Win32) 5Kb
  • Full source code (no EXE, needs to be built to play).
  • A little taste of standard Win32 'C' coding.

Console object (Win32) 12Kb
  • Full source code - no restrictions on modifying or distributing.
  • Use of Win32 Console API.
  • Full screen operations.
  • Fully controlled input.
  • Formatted output.
  • Controlling color/cursor attributes.
  • Popup menus implementation.
  • Scrolling, highlighting, etc.

Memory Image for Dialog Box Template (Win32) 8Kb
  • Fully buildable project
  • Use of CreateDialogIndirect() API