Welcome to Clan CME!

Copyright 2002. By Sensai.

We are players that play on www.pogo.com.

You are welcome to join anytime, just e-mail me and ask for a tryout. I will arrange it with my buddies and we'll go from there. Your tryout will be in Pogo, we'll e-mail you the details.


  • Do not use chess programs. Cheating can be detected and you will not be able to join.
  • Be respectful when playing and have positive attitude.
  • The five best players in my clan shall go to tours of Yahoo Games, etc.
  • We have Sunday games at 5:00 ET in the SOCIAL section of Pogo which can be found here. I'll be seeing everyone there:
    • Room: Pangea
    • Table: 5
    • Password: chess

Current Clan Members: